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She kept working. The hospital admitted more than 50 people for planned procedures the day that the staff learned a deceased patient had tested positive for the coronavirusrecords show. The hospital was ordered quarantined, with Dr. Kamalova and more than 1, other staff members and patients trapped inside. Days later, she grew feverish, but she kept working, relying on her own intravenous line for relief.

Kamalova, head of the rheumatology department at Kuvatova Republican Clinical Hospital in the south-central Russian city of Ufa, said in a telephone interview. Russia is hailing its medical workers as heroes, their photographs plastered on billboards and their stories glamorized on state TV.

But as the country develops into one of the global epicenters of the disease, those workers are suffering astonishing levels of infection and death in their ranks. And as the number of reported coronavirus cases in Russia growsmany fear the worst is yet to come.

moscow times coronavirus

A website memorializing health care workers who have died during the pandemic lists more than doctors, nurses, paramedics and others. In St. Like their colleagues in much of the rest of the world, many of those doctors and nurses are suffering from a shortage of protective gear and equipment.

But Russian health workers are also at the mercy of a convoluted, depersonalized and unforgiving bureaucracy that increasingly appears outmatched by the pandemic.

In late March, regional Russian officials were sounding alarm bells about a drastic undersupply of protective equipment and pervasive confusion about how they were supposed to tackle the virus.

Those problems still have not been fully resolved. Evgeny Zeltyn, a cardiologist at a Moscow hospital, said. Zeltyn said he had been lucky: He was at work when he collapsed with a fever of degrees. He received treatment right away, spent the night in his hospital as a patient and was back at work within five days.

Doctors say they are hampered not just by a lack of equipment and protective gear but also by a rigid, top-down governing system that discourages initiative and independent thinking. Medical workers who have spoken out have faced pressure from the authorities; three doctors who tangled with their superiors over working conditions fell from windows in recent weeks, though even the Alliance of Doctors, a medical-worker activist group highly critical of the government responsehas described those as possible stress-related suicides, not homicides.

A nationwide lockdown came to an end on Tuesday on orders of President Vladimir V. Putin, even as Russia was reporting about 10, new cases daily. Its total ofconfirmed infections exceeds that of any other country except the United States. Russia has reported 2, coronavirus deaths, almost certainly an undercountgiven widespread reports of faulty testing and other causes of death being recorded for patients who died of Covid, the disease caused by the virus.

Russian officials, however, insist the country is now well prepared, with a large reserve of hospital beds and ventilators, and widespread testing that is identifying many asymptomatic carriers of the virus.

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In Britain, at least health and social care workers have diedout of a total of more than 30, coronavirus-related deaths in the country. Petersburg hospital on Tuesday, killing five Covid patients, and a similar blaze at a Moscow hospital on Saturday killed one. The preliminary cause of both fires: an overloaded ventilator. For much of this year, Russia seemed to be in an enviable position as the pandemic raged through Western Europe.

Two months later, Russia was still recording fewer than new cases a day, and Mr. But behind the scenes, Russian regional officials were making it clear to the Kremlin that the situation was not under control — and that the medical system was ill equipped to cope with the pandemic, despite having had two months to prepare.

The document was prepared as an overview of the regional obstacles in the pandemic response, the ministry said in a statement. In addition to supply shortages, the document reveals confusion among regional officials over what they were allowed and expected to do to try to limit the spread of the virus. Regions described delays in receiving coronavirus test results and information about travelers from abroad, and confusion about their authority to shut down businesses, limit train travel and punish quarantine violators.By Vincent Barone.

About 2, people who have entered the city from China were screened at the airport and ordered to undergo a two-week quarantine — even if they were not showing symptoms. The crackdown was detailed as Russia banned most Chinese citizens from entering the country through a partial shutdown of its border. So far three Russian nationals have contracted the virus — each a passenger on the quarantined Diamond Princess cruise ship, according to the Moscow Times.

No cases have been documented in the capital, Sobyanin said. Sobyanin added that the raids were being conducted to identify those who have traveled to Russia from China before the scanning measures were put in place. He did not outline what penalties, if any, were in place for those caught violating the quarantine. More than 75, cases of the coronavirus have been documented in China, along with another 2, related deaths in the country, according to health officials. Read Next. Customs officer fatally shoots wife, kids in murder-suicid This story has been sharedtimes.

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moscow times coronavirus

Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.The mayor of Moscow has said that overpeople in his city have been infected with the novel coronavirus, more than three times the official figure. Sergei Sobyanin's admission on state television comes as Russia had a record daily rise in cases, overtaking France and Germany to become the fifth hardest-hit country in the world, according to Johns Hopkins University.

According to screening studies, they are in the region of 2 to 2. Official figures, cited by Tass, show the official tally in the Russian capital which is the epicenter of Russia's outbreak, surging to 92, up by more than 6, Sobyanin also said last week that around two percent of the city had been infected, much higher than estimated figures. Moscow's health department says there were a number of false-negative results due to late-stage testing and that many people were asymptomatic or suffered only mild cases.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has delegated most responsibilities for dealing with the pandemic to the regions. Sobyanin has been at the forefront of the response, introducing a lockdown, with governors around the country following suit.

On Thursday, he extended the city's lockdown until May 31, which prohibits people from leaving their properties except to buy food and medicine. From May 12, there will be some easing of restrictions, such as at construction sites, but people must have a digital permit to travel anywhere by public or private transport.

The use of masks, respirators or other respiratory protection equipment, as well as gloves, will also be mandatory in stores, shopping centers and while traveling on public transport or in taxis. As of Thursday, there were a total ofcoronavirus cases across Russia, with 23, patients having recovered from the virus.

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Russia's latest data indicates 1, fatalities nationwide. Some have linked Putin's handling of the crisis to lower than usual popularity ratings in recent polls. His rating dropped to 59 percent in the latest survey from the independent Levada Center, the lowest since his inauguration in World Moscow Russia Coronavirus.

Read more. Choose your subscription. Newsweek magazine delivered to your door Unlimited access to Newsweek. Unlimited access to Newsweek.When Anastasia Protopopova finished her Sept. But by the time the year-old nurse returned to work last Friday, just six days later, she found herself working in the same conditions she experienced during the first wave of the pandemic this spring.

One nurse said that in Hospital no. In the first half of September, the numbers were hovering in the s. By Sept. For most of the summer, the workload of even those left was manageable, according to medics. But the sudden recent crush of cases is challenging the hospitals that have continued to treat Covid patients.

moscow times coronavirus

She added that if two nurses had patients to take care of between them in the summer, now the figure has jumped to To cope with the growing outbreak, city officials have prepped additional hospitals.

According to a Moscow Health Department order dated last Wednesday and seen by The Moscow Times, on Tuesday, seven more city hospitals began admitting Covid patients. An eighth is slated to begin work on Oct. The university put out a call for students to return to work last Friday and medics told The Moscow Times that they are expecting student volunteers to return to their hospitals from Thursday.

As the city scrambles to handle a second outbreak, the pressure has not let up on those already on the frontlines. The resurgent outbreak has prompted the Russian authorities over the past week to prepare the public for the possibility of reintroduced lockdown restrictions after a summer when life had all but returned to normal.

He has recommended that over 5, companies return to home working and reinstated mandatory stay-at-home restrictions for people aged 65 and over, as well as those suffering from chronic diseases. The fresh outbreak is not just limited to Moscow.

During the first wave, the ministry said, the country hadbeds for Covid patients. On Wednesday morning, Russia announced 8, new infections nationwide over the past 24 hours. During its two-week peak in May, Russia recorded about 10, cases a day with a record high of 11, Russia has 1.

According to two sources in the Kremlin, quarantine will be considered if Russia hits 10, cases a day, the Open Media news website reported. In Moscow, the spring lockdown was introduced when cases had reached 1, per day. Underscoring that the outbreak never fully receded in Russia, the number of excess deaths between May and July was three times higher than the official coronavirus toll.

Vlassov also noted that, in some countries like Australia and Israel, the resurgent outbreaks have been much larger than the first waves, and that Russia should be wary of that scenario. Introducing lockdown once again, however, could irritate the public and hurt the economy.

Russian medics who have treated coronavirus patients for six months and counting are fed up too. As cases rise, some clinics are finding themselves short-handed as some Russian medical workers have also declared a nationwide strike that will run through Oct. On Tuesday, he extended that program through October. Russian medical workers have been hit particularly hard by the virus. According to an unofficial count kept by Russian doctors, of their colleagues have been killed by Covid since the pandemic took Russia in its grip in March.

Tatiana Likhodid, a year-old paramedic in the republic of Udmurtia 1, kilometers east of Moscow, told The Moscow Times that she is protesting for two reasons. Our exclusives and on-the-ground reporting are being read and shared by many high-profile journalists.

Support The Moscow Times! Contribute today. By Evan Gershkovich and Pjotr Sauer.

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But the 23 clinics do not account for all the beds that have been prepared. The new wave of cases coincided with schools reopening on Sept. Exhausted medical workers Russian medics who have treated coronavirus patients for six months and counting are fed up too. Read more about: Coronavirus.

moscow times coronavirus

Read more.Russia's former Prime Minister did not disclose which Russian vaccine he has received "as not to make it seem that one of the vaccines is better than others. Two more batches of the vaccine are to be delivered by Feb. It would be more than six times theofficial cases registered in the capital since the start of the pandemic.

Iran is yet to secure a deal to buy or domestically produce Russia's jab. As Russia faces a deadly pandemic, a constitutional change that could keep the president in power for life and a swiftly warming climate, the need for free, independent and objective coverage of Russia has never been greater. The Moscow Times is at the forefront of this coverage — and we need your support to do it.

Hungary is set to become the first EU member to use Sputnik V for large-scale inoculation. Health care experts interviewed by The Moscow Times named transportation and production problems among the key logistical issues impeding Russia's mass vaccination campaign. Moscow has vaccinated aroundso far, he added.

All Moscow schoolchildren will be able to return to in-person classes next Monday. The press service of the Yuri Gagarin Training Center told AFP that around 40 of its nearly 1, employees had received the first dose of Russia's homemade coronavirus vaccine Sputnik V, including the next two Russian cosmonauts scheduled to launch in April.

Petersburg's museums and the Leningrad Zoo will reopen Monday after being ordered to close for 12 days over the New Year holiday due to rising coronavirus infections. Exhibitions and concerts as well as tourist bus trips will also be permitted to resume. Authorities will receive an initial shipment ofdoses. November was the deadliest month for at least 16 years.

Digital documents will be available on the government portal Gosuslugi. The consignment was taken to Budapest for a decision by Hungarian experts on how to use it, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said in a Facebook video message, without providing details on the vaccine's potential rollout.

Most respondents reluctant to vaccinate said they would do so only after the final clinical trial of Russia's Sputnik V vaccine is published. The statement followed an earlier announcement by Health Minister Mikhail Murashko, who confirmed that the vaccine could be used for patients aged 60 and older.

Social service volunteers and employees of NGOs and religious organizations will also be eligible to get the shot. Moscow's vaccination campaign will continue during the New Year holiday. The firstdoses of the vaccine are set to reach the country this week. The ban was introduced amid concerns of a more-infectious coronavirus strain found there and will come in effect from midnight Tuesday.

Petersburg hospitals had just 27 beds for coronavirus patients, or 0. Petersburg-based Greenpeace energy campaigner Rashid Alimov, 40, died from coronavirus complications, journalist Alexandra Garmazhapova confirmed Friday.Half of Moscow's 12 million residents have had Covidsix times the official figures, according to the city's mayor.

It puts the number of those infected at over six times the officially recordedcases in the city since the beginning of the pandemic. It comes as Russia confirmed 17, new coronavirus cases and deaths on Monday, bringing its total cases and deaths to 3, and 73, respectively. Over medical staff are working at the facility, which provides more than 1, hospital beds equipped with oxygen tanks. It comes as images show scores of patients being treated in the city's temporary hospitals.

A doctor and patients were pictured undertaking Tai Chi breathing exercises at the temporary facility. Patients do Tai Chi breathing exercises. Over medical staff are working at the facility.

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An ambulance vehicle is parked outside an admissions department of the temporary Covid facility. Russia said Monday that its economy contracted by 3.

New Data Triples Russia’s Covid-19 Death Toll

The drop was less severe than Russian authorities had expected however, as the central bank had forecast a contraction of about 4. The Rosstat statistics agency attributed the drop to 'restrictions imposed to combat the coronavirus and the fall in global demand for energy resources'. The 3. Spain saw an 11 percent drop, France 8.

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A sign reads 'Biological Hazard'. However they ruled out another lockdown even though the country was battered by a second wave of infections late in the year.

Rosstat said the Russian economy's largest losses were recorded in the hospitality, transport, culture and sport sectors. Although Rosstat did not publish quarterly figures, the economy is expected to have rebounded by 7. Before the pandemic hit Russia in March, its economy had grown by 1. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Argos AO. Privacy Policy Feedback. Share this article Share. Share or comment on this article: Half of Moscow's 12million residents have had Covid, mayor reveals e-mail Comments 64 Share what you think.Scott Neuman.

Moscow has been on a coronavirus lockdown with residents being told to stay at home and go out for essential purposes only. Russian officials on Thursday reported 1, new cases of the novel coronavirus in a single day, a record for the country, which has now surpassed 10, cases.

The national coronavirus crisis response center said the death toll for the day had risen by In total, 76 people have died from COVID, the disease caused by the virus, according to official tallies in Russia. In a televised address, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced Thursday that he was ordering an extension of a national "non-working week," a measure designed to increase social distancing, until the end of the month, according to The Moscow Times.

He also signed legislation making it a crime to break coronavirus quarantine rules, with a punishment of up to seven years in prison and a sentence of up to five years in prison for spreading false information about the novel coronavirus, the newspaper said. Putin said he would delegate decision-making to regional authorities because of the differences in infection rates throughout the country.

That announcement appears to be aimed at quelling resentment over a one-size-fits-all approach to the pandemic that has occurred until now.

The capital, Moscow, has borne the brunt of the outbreak, and it accounts for the vast majority of confirmed cases in Russia. Charles Maynes, reporting from Moscow for NPR earlier this week, noted that far-flung territories with few cases so far were falling under the same tight restrictions as Moscow and other cities with higher infection rates.

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Russian officials had taken extra precautions to guard against the possibility that the crew could become infected with the coronavirus. In a video link with journalists from Baikonur, Cassidy said the three had been under "a very strict quarantine" for the past month and so were in good health ahead of their launch, according to The Associated Press.

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