Progetto 65 review


World of Tanks Progetto M40 mod. World of Tanks Update 1. World of Tanks Steel Hunter I have made couple episodes about tank buffs in Update 1. So the main question now is — Is it still good, playable or completely useless? You are also going to see some action on the new map with Update 1. What do you think? Good, Bad? Not Needed? More games should use this as a pre-base to base other tanks characteristics on. No-one asked for a progetto nerf, so why waste their time doing it?

Their a list of tanks that need nerfs. While others like t32, tiger 2, etc are meaningless in the game now. It is not that bad I think, It is still a good tank. However, I do have the tier 8 progetto and I like it a lot, and I do not think that a few nerfs will change that. I expect the Progetto 65 to be funwhen I get there. As it is, the DPM is already not really good, especially when you unload 2 or more shots you will find yourself constantly reloading.

It really rewards good decision making and positioning imo, and it is not OP in that regard. But hey, they nerfed the weakspot cupola of U down to the paper amount of mm.

With all these nerfs an increase of the alpha damage would have been respectable maybe Now this tank sucks against TVPs and french meds. Autoreload requires almost 50 seconds to be full, TVP takes half of the time, so now tell me the benefits: its alpha sucks, its dpm sucks, its clip takes too much to be ready, its accuracy now is at soviet level but the armor still butter.

progetto 65 review

Why play this tank so? Finally the Progetto will stop breaking the games, it was literally a better Leo that exchanged a bit of mobility for tons more firepower. Username: Gicu Server: Eu. Server: EU Name: Hatima For me nerf of accuracy and aiming time and of course aiming after shot is the worst. The possibility of makeing snapshots in this tank was the most important in a paper tank like this.

Not gonna cry but after nerfing my beloved te5 and amx elc wg is nerfing my another best tank, makeing me thinking why i still playing this game…is it an addiction? This nerf is the one of most serious nerf in WoT…Italian MTs may still be playable,but their playstyle will need more patient. Well that was a bait and switch for gold with the premium and expensive grind with tier 9 and I think the nerfs are way over done. CrazyTraks Na.Inthe Italian military delegation visited Germany to discuss the purchase of Leopard tanks.

However, not all members of the delegation agreed with the acquisition of foreign vehicles. The Italian military experts and engineers specified the main requirements for the future tank: the slope angle of armor plates, the cast turret and gun mantlet, as well as the powerful engine from Mitsubishi that allowed production of a small, light, maneuverable, but perfectly-armored vehicle.

Development of the project was discontinued at the drafting and modelling stage. This vehicle has the ability to earn bonds in certain game modes. Time for the successive autoreloading of each shell into the magazine. The improved system allows the time to be decreased for autoreloading the next shell upon firing the loaded shell when the corresponding indicator is displayed.

Characteristics are specified for Siege mode. The technical characteristics are displayed for the charged turbine mode. Characteristics are specified for Rapid mode. Reload time of the first and second guns on double-barreled vehicles.

Video Screenshots Art Renders Soundtrack. Create account. Failed to log in. X Progetto M40 mod. Add the vehicle with its basic configuration to comparison Remove vehicle from comparison Add the vehicle with its current configuration to comparison Remove vehicle from comparison.

Nation Italy Italy. Tier Tier X. Type Medium Tank Medium Tank. Cost Credits 6, ExperienceCrew Commander Commander Radio Operator.Jump to content.

I mean, is it just a fun tank and not competitive or what? Inquiring minds would like to know. As always, your thoughts are needed and much appreciated.

Thank you for your time and attention. From tier 6 up I've liked them. That said, I'm only on the tier 7, and its better than the tier 6. Closing in on the 8. I like my prem Progetto too. Something you may not know about the tier 7, as I only found out by chance, it that it can fit a Vert Stab. Which is pretty unique for non-American tanks.

I'm on the t9 right now, I don't have all the upgrades but it doesn't seem bad. Seems like a good cross between something like the leopard pta and a auto loader. I go thru and do the above tables for all tiers from 10 down to like 6 or 7 and all types heavy, medium, TDs every few months using vbaddict, just to try and see what people are doing the best with lately It is definitely not a competitive t10 tank.

It's something that is in between of what we have in the game already, and not in a good way. Best way to put it is "a sad middle ground". Not quite as fast as a Batchat, doesn't have the clip potential of a batchat and doesn't have the intra-clip reload of a TVP. Doesn't have the armor of a Russian medium. It's accuracy comes close to German mediums but is still not quite there and it has a strange alpha of instead of needed It loses sooo much just for that autoreloader thing. Nonetheless, despite all the downsides, it is still fun to play, definitely brings something new to the table.

However, I'd advise you to, in case you decide to grind this line, to stay at t9. Standard B is a wholesome tank for a t9 and is definitely worth the grind.

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LeaveIT2Beaver, on Oct 17 -said:. OP is referring to the tier 10, not the tier 8. But same here. QuicksilverJPR, on Oct 17 -said:. Thanks ogHaKo and to the rest of you guys for posting your thoughts. I'm really reluctant to grind a Tier X than I won't play competitively, but I'm not playing the Tier 6 at all and my Premium Progetto crew needs to get better so what the heck, I'm going for it.

It is a very fun tank. I have my gun stats food, vents, bia to. The gun handles like a dream and the tank is very quick.

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It has trolly armor so that anything under mm shooting ap at your front upper plate WILL bounce. The only downside is that is armor is paper thin so HESH tanks can really mess your day up, oh and arty.I stream over on twitch 5days a week so come check me out! U played like 70 games before u have this luck u dumb ass lol. Bleyt, let us combine both, so that you can use the tank as a braindead singleshotter but if you play like a pro you can use the autoloader.

It is retarded, combining both playstyles is just bullshit overpowered, but when is that news from Wargaming? That 0. Oh yes, I can approve that. Still, I love it. Hell, it is even better than the friggin Leopard 1. We need your attention on this matter. I mean foch does sound like fuck, so yeah congratz on the totally original content! Hi sir foch, thanks for your great content.

Good video Foch. Why was your loader lit up all game? The consumable you were using or a replay glitch? Not really a tinfoil hat on the gun handling and accuracy on the Prototipo Standard B. Foch this map isn t so bad when you campare it to some other tier 10 maps like mines, ensk, … Futhermore when you commented that Ht have no cover while going into ht position, actually they have, but at first you have to go staight to that ridge in the middle so you don t get shot by mt or lt of course arties will shoot you but that are arties.

This map is so fucked up for heavies man… They fuked up heavys for a lot of maps but this shit takes the lead. That fucking enemy Super Conqueror though- comes around the corner with full prem and instantly expects a pen. You have to have alot of bonds to purchase the equipment though.

I once bullied a Tiger 2 in it. Your email address will not be published.

progetto 65 review

Progetto 65 review! Is it worth the grind? July 12, World of Tanks Lin Thu July 11, at am. Foch obj is a great tier 8 med! Peter Richards July 11, at am. Great review, honest and straight to the point as always. Stanislav Coros July 11, at am.Jump to content.

It feels as if you really have to think about every little decision in game. So much that it is actually infuriating to play. It is honestly painful to play in its current state. FusionStar, on 27 March - PM, said:. PumpkinEcobar, on 27 March - PM, said:.

For Those Who Care Spoiler. And the T57 Heavy can reload a full clip with the same amount of damage faster than the Progetto can load its first two. I have only played twenty games in it and I can see what you're saying but I don't completely agree either. Firstly, it is definitely a thinking persons tank. If you don't like having to plan out every move, every shot, and balance the risk vs.

Secondly, I think it can carry a game. Especially when you're the last tank on your team and you can use your speed to separate the enemies and unload multiple shells into them as they appear one by one. It's tough, but it can be done. I will agree that the first reload is painfully long. It would be nice to see about two seconds shaved off of it. The rest I can live with. Lastly, it does feel sluggish.

I'm going to put that down the fact that my crew only has Sixth Sense and Brothers in Arms. Once I have all the movement skills and perks loaded I'll be able to make a better assessment. In conclusion, it is a challenging tank that will not be everyone's cup of tea.

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In the right hands it will be very dangerous. In the wrong hands, it will be an opportunity for the red's to farm hit points very easily. In order to carry a tank needs either a decent gun and Armour or good mobility and the ability to kill enemies quickly. The Italian auto reloaders don't have any Armour to speak of and they can only kill things quickly if the enemy is already fairly low of health.

New Progetto 65 Nerf, Still Good or Useless? | World of Tanks Progetto 65 Gameplay

I've always heard people call the Italian autreloaders "thinking man's tanks" and after playing the Progetto 46 I feel that they're the entire opposite and require very little thought to play.

With single shot tanks you're always having to consider how you can best hit an enemy without being hit in return, when you need to trade, how many shots you can get in safely before the enemy reloads, etc. With the Italian tanks all you have to do is play like a single shot gun until an enemy is low enough on health to clip, then hide until you're reloaded, and rinse and repeat.

They're very basic and simple tanks to play, and the only reason you have to try so hard to to do well in them is because they're just bad tanks. The Projetto can be played like a single shot tank with all the same considerations and it can also be played like an autoloader with all the same decisions to be made So, you're really playing three tanks at once and you're constantly trying to decide which way is the best way.

That's just it though, the autoreloaders don't have the same considerations as other tanks. You don't have to worry about wasting a shot or when to reload on a half empty clip, you don't have to worry about trying to take down an enemy who's a two or three shot kill without being hit multiple times in return, and with how bad their reloads are you don't even have to stress about if you can get that extra shot in before the enemy reloads very often.

Autoreloaders have all of the benefits of a single shot gun and an autoloading gun without having hardly any of the downsides of either, and as such they hardly require any gun specific tactics.Theoretical Damage Per Minute Nominal: The Progetto M40 mod. Inthe Italian military delegation visited Germany to discuss the purchase of Leopard tanks. However, not all members of the delegation agreed with the acquisition of foreign vehicles.

The Italian military experts and engineers specified the main requirements for the future tank: the slope angle of armor plates, the cast turret and gun mantlet, as well as the powerful engine from Mitsubishi that allowed production of a small, light, maneuverable, but perfectly-armored vehicle. Development of the project was discontinued at the drafting and modelling stage.

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The Progetto 65 has a similar play-style to the Leopard 1 but with an auto-reloader gun. It has 4 shells, 2. Like prior auto-re loaders in the line, it has poor armor although it is rather sloped so ricochets happen fairly often and slightly mediocre view range.

Progetto 65 — Tier X European medium tank

If possible it is best to go hulldown to increase chances of survival though the turret is significantly weaker than for instance a T turret. The Progetto is flexible and can go from sniping to flanking or vice versa, and in late game it easily clips enemies.

It also has very good shell velocity plus decent camouflague and is much less situational than normal autoloaders. As it is, artillery and "derp" guns will target the Progetto for a higher chance of penetration. An often overlooked quality is the uniquely high HE penetration mm which when flanking or shooting at thinly armored vehicle can be deadly however the clip does have to be reloaded. Overall, it is a good vehicle that is tricky to play but great in the right hands.

Welcome to Wargaming. Tank Discussion. View Source View history. Progetto M40 mod. Jump to: navigationsearch. This article requires additional modification. Italy Medium Tank Tier X. These differences are taken into account in tooltip boxes.

Prototipo Standard B. Player Opinion. Pros and Cons Pros: 4-round autoreloader with good burst damage Excellent shell velocity with standard ammo, good penetration with all ammo types Very good gun depression Upper glacis is extremely sloped, shots hitting it will usually ricochet Great speed and agility, good acceleration Cons: Lengthy reload, it takes about 50 seconds to refill the whole magazine Poor DPM, even when firing only the first shot in the clip Long aim time and slow turret traverse speed Very weak armor profile, only the upper frontal plate offers some protection Extremely vulnerable to artillery and HE penetrations Performance The Progetto 65 has a similar play-style to the Leopard 1 but with an auto-reloader gun.

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progetto 65 review

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